A Toast of Tequila, A Taste of Mexico

Tequila [te-kee-luh] is among the world’s hottest alcoholic drinks as we speak. It’s primarily made within the areas across the metropolis of Guadalajara and the highlands of Jalisco situated in central-western Mexico. The state of Jalisco is the middle of the nation’s tequila trade, owing to the truth that the city of Tequila, which gave its identify to this famend liquor, is situated on this state.

Tequila is mainly made out of the blue agave [uh-gah-vee], a sort of succulent or water-retaining plant endemic to Jalisco, Mexico. The wealthy volcanic soil of Jalisco is especially conducive for the wholesome development of this plant. The juice of the agave is normally drank by most Mexicans. It’s both made as pulque, a fermented drink or tequila, the distilled liquor individuals everywhere in the world love.

The planting, tending and harvesting of the agave proceed to be handbook, particularly the harvesting, which dates again a whole bunch of years, unaffected by new applied sciences. Harvesting information and abilities are preserved and handed on by way of generations by the “jimadores”, those that harvest the agave pineapples. Many firms manufacturing tequila nonetheless use the standard strategies of urgent out and fermenting the juice from these pineapples.

The legal guidelines in Mexico state that tequila can solely be produced within the state of Jalisco and a few areas within the states of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas. The manufacture of tequila outdoors of those areas is taken into account unlawful, thus, topic to authorized actions by the Mexican authorities. Additionally, Mexico has the monopoly to make use of the phrase “tequila” within the worldwide market.

No different place on earth makes tequila however this proud nation in Central America. So when an individual drinks tequila, he’s additionally consuming a delight of a rustic wealthy in historical past, tradition and gastronomic pleasures. He’s having a style of Mexico.

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